Chris Lumba

Urban Choreography

Chris Lumba began his dance journey in 2006. What started as a push from his mom to overcome shyness turned into a love and passion for dance. As Chris continued on into college, he trained consistently in multiple styles, immersing himself in the dance community around him. Chris spent 9 years on a competitive adult team called 220, 5 years of which he directed. He also founded their junior team 110, which he continues to direct today. Chris is also the Artistic Director for Robotix Dance Family. His main focus is urban choreography with a strong suit in R&B/Soul music, but is not limited to that by any means. If the music moves him, he creates. His passion for teaching is just as strong as his passion for dance and caters to all levels and ages. He currently teaches at three locations in San Diego and hopes to educate, inspire, and be inspired through music, movement, and connection with others.