Classes We Offer

Private Apparatus Sessions

55-minutes, 1 client per class

This one-on-one experience is great for beginners who are new to Pilates or experienced practitioners who are looking to refine their Pilates skills. Private sessions are also great for any individual looking to achieve specific goals using our wide assortment of Pilates apparatus.


Small Group Apparatus Sessions

55-minutes, 2-4 clients per class

This class is designed to work your entire body using Pilates apparatus such as reformers, towers, and springboards. We keep our class sizes small, so that the quality of your training does not suffer. Our group sessions still offer individualized attention, but at a more affordable option. 

*If you are new to Pilates, it is highly recommended that you take between 3 and 5 private sessions before joining a group class. If you have any injuries, please let us know beforehand, so that we can properly give modifications for your safety.

Contact us if you would like to schedule your own private group class with family, friends or colleagues.