Paloma Salvadores


Paloma has been a professional in the sports industry for over ten years. Paloma’s early ballet training began at the age of 3, and shortly after, she started training in rhythmic gymnastics. Joining several National competitions each year as a gymnast, she also had the privilege of competing internationally in Aesthetic Group Gymnastics. 

Paloma retired from competitions in 2012 after a decade-long career as an athlete to become a sports professional. While studying full-time to obtain her degree in Sports Sciences and Physical Activity, she also obtained a certificate to become a National Rhythmic Gymnastics coach in Spain. In 2015, she obtained her MBA in Sports Management. 


She has 10 years of experience in flexibility and conditioning training, coaching athletes from rhythmic gymnastics, artistic gymnastics, ballet, dance, and ice skating. Paloma specializes in helping athletes identify and achieve their personal goals by providing specific programs and exercises to improve movement range, flexibility, strength, and body control. She takes great pride in the progress and success of her students, from beginners to advanced levels.