Sam Tribble


Sam Tribble is a former All American collegiate and elite competitive gymnast. He has been inducted into Sacramento’s Hall Of Fame for outstanding athletes. Sam continues to train Junior Olympic athletes and participates in the Professional Development Program for USA Gymnastics. Sam was the first US Worlds team coach for the sport of Cyr Wheel (2013 and 2015) and has created the Progressive Axis Training (PAT)tm technique for teaching skill progression for the art of Cyr. He is certified through the IRV as a technical judge and served on the board of USA Wheel Gymnastics as a technical advisor. Sam was the owner and head coach of Giants Gymnastics, a recreational and competitive mens and women USA gymnastics club from 1995 to 2010.

Sam continues to coach athletes of all ages for bodyweight training, alternative fitness and several art forms. Athletes have come as far as Russia, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, France, Switzerland, Korea and all across the US to seek his expertise and hands on training. Having studied 2 years under world- renowned Dr. Ken Ravizza sports psychologist, Sam is a firm believer in Sports Mental Training and is a certified hypnotherapist. Sam is also the lead coach for the popular youtube channel Strength Project. 
Sam continues to travel internationally to perform Acro (Adagio) and the art of Cyr, in addition to hosting teacher training and intensive around the country and abroad.